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Gift Card
Terms & Conditions

  • The Gift Card (the Card) is valid to purchase products only in our online shop ( 

  • In our Website, you will be able to choose this method of payment at the Checkout. In the payment section, you will find the option “Redeem a gift card”. By selecting this option, a box will appear where you will have to enter your gift card code. 

  • The Card is the property of the issuer: "Dress Me Up ®" (a commercial entity of AVASP S.A.R.L.), RCS nº B275471, VAT nº LU34821547, and registered at 56 Grand-Rue, 1660 Luxembourg. The holder of the Card is a mere user and depositary thereof. 

  • The return of any Card which has not been used yet, shall be accepted, within 15 calendar days as of the date of dispatch of the Card to the intended recipient thereof.  The price paid for such Card shall be refunded using the same means of payment used to purchase it. 

  • Any outstanding balance of the Card shall not be refunded or exchanged for cash. 

  • Where appropriate, any refund of the price of the products purchased with the Card which are returned shall be made by crediting the price of the returned products back onto the remaining balance of the Card. However, if the Card no longer exists upon returning the products, the price of returned products shall be credited to a Voucher Card, whose terms and conditions of use are: Voucher cards shall be valid to purchase any product being sold in the Stores for a 12 months period from its date of delivery. Its outstanding balance shall not be refunded or exchanged for cash. Lost, stolen or damaged Voucher Cards shall not be replaced. The refund methods stated above are an essential term, and as such, they are deemed to be expressly accepted upon purchasing and/or using the Card. 

  • The Card is valid for 12 months from the date of dispatch to the intended recipient thereof. At the expiry of the validity period, the Card cannot be renewed, or used to purchase products, nor shall any unused remaining balance in the Card be claimed. 

  • The Card is a bearer instrument. Its holder shall be solely responsible for the use and custody of the Card. 

  • Cards originally obtained via any unlawful means shall be null and void and they shall not be used to purchase products, nor shall the price thereof be refunded. 

  • Where the virtual Card is purchased, we shall not be responsible for the non receipt or the delay in receiving such Card by its intended recipient on grounds beyond our control, including inter alia: (i) the deficiencies or the breakdown of telecommunications lines/systems, (ii) the delay in the transmission of information or data or the loss of information or data which may occur under any of the circumstances provided under letter (i) above; (iii) the inaccuracy of the details of the recipient of the virtual Card provided by the purchaser of the Card; (iv) impossibility of delivery of the Card at the e-mail address provided, or (v) the fact that the e-mail sent is deemed to be spam or unwanted e-mail. 

  • The purchase and/or use of the Card entails the full acceptance of these terms and conditions, which have been made available to the customers upon purchase of the Card. 

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